Starting Ahead of Baking Time

With so much over-whelming news about the east coast weather and on the west coast…two earthquakes in three days…I decidedI needed a pick-me-up. I made the dough for my cheese shortbread and put it in the freezer and I now have the Gumdrop Christmas Cake in the oven.

The dishwasher is going and when my cake comes out of the oven, I will make lunch and then clean my oven. Next week it will be running for hours on end and it needs to be sparkling clean before we start.

THEN  I have to make a list of things to be done in order be ready for the dinner next  Saturday. This may sound crazy, but when I do this (for me it works), I don’t have any last minute panics. Things like cleaning the silverware, lining up what we are serving, making sure the grocery list is completed, table setting ideas…..

Darn good thing I did…the dessert I am making will take about three days prepping.  Day 1 I will make the pound cake and  then on day 2, I will make the pumpkin/rum/lime custard….did I get your attention?

Day 3 – I will complete the dessert.  The dessert is a pumpkin-rum trifle and is truly amazing. It is one of those recipes that says to you “damn I can do this”. I did.

Wow! I may have to have a martini later….haha

We did a ton of shopping last weekend but it had to cover the baking we do on November 11th.


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