Grilled Cheese – A new One, Trust Me…..

Anyone who knows us, knows we watch every cooking show, competition, whatever….BUT  they had a grilled sandwich that we could not believe. Now, any “diet watcher” I am giving you fair notice, go away….do not read…worse yet, do not make. HA! Gotcha!!


For each person, you need

2 slices of bread, buttered with garlic butter on both sides.

Grated Manchego Cheese, dip the bread in the cheese and fry one side. Turn them over and continue on.

Now: Here’s the kicker…

On one slice of bread (open faced, so far), place 1 slice of cheddar and 1 slice of mozzarella cheese.

On the other slice, place 1 slice of monteray jack cheese and 1 slice of swiss cheese. Put a lid on the pan and let the cheese start to melt.

With me so far?

Now put them together…..This will be the very best grilled cheese sandwich you will ever eat.

Okay, you can’t have one every day but in  my defence, once in awhile is a good thing and they say chocolate is better than…..(wink-wink) . NOT……this IS the better thing.


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