Super Tips for the Kitchen And The Bedroom

Now THAT got your attention, I’ll bet. It is getting to that time of the year, where entertaining the masses seems like the normal thing to do. Perhaps some of these tips will help you and, perhaps, make things a little easier. Here we go…nothing earth shattering but very useful.

Any left over liquids from cooking….pour into muffins tins and completely freeze. Now put them into freezer bags, mark them “beef drippings”, “vegetable stock”, whatever….now when you go to make gravies or soups or marinades, simply defrost.

If making recipes that use only egg yolks, put the egg whites ice cube trays and freeze. Then place in freezer bags until ready to use. When thawed these MUST be ued immediately.

After guests have left and there is wine left in the bottle. No, don’t drink it or throw it out or try to save for another day. Simply pour into ice cube trays (12% alcohol or less) and freeze. Again , freeze, place in freezer bags and now you can use them when braising meats or making marinades.

Chicken stock – freeze in muffin tins to use when making your turkey pot pies (after Christmas).

Citrus Juices? Freeze in trays for the next time you are needing some citrus in a vinaigrette, Each cube holds aproximately 2 tablespoons.
Okay, let’s leave the kitchen and go to the bedroom for a minute. If you run a Bed and Breakfast (as we did for many, many years), duvet covers are hard to keep in place.

Here is a neat trick. Take fabric tape, cut 8  x 5″ strips off.  Turn your duvet cover inside out and at each corner of the duvet cover, sew 2 strips in the inside corner. Still keeping it inside out, place the comfort on top and tie each corner of the comforter to the duvet. NOW, turn it right-side out, and the comforter stays in place. Clever? You bet your ‘blanket it is.

Save these, it make make your life a little easier. Gotta run….still baking.


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