Valentine’s-To Pamper Or Not To Pamper?

In our home, we still go all out (if not actually going out to a restaurant) and pamper each other. If you have small children you have a choice: feed them first and put them to bed OR  let them help you, and enjoy a later dinner.

Lay out a clean, crisp tablecloth, charger plate, dinner plate…having a homemade soup? Then a soup bowl….no soup but having a salad? then put out a pretty salad bowl or small salad plate….candles….fresh flowers (supermarket has them). Pretty card or funny one (depends on your significant other). No other gift is necessary. You care, you both care…let him barbecue, you make the salad or whatever works for you. But, just take the time to slow down and enjoy the day set aside for love.

You don’t have anyone? Set the table anyway…..for you. You matter, you love yourself- so….what’s stopping you? Go for it.

Here is a dinner that is yummy, costs about $3-4 per serving and only needs a salad or side dish of vegetables. Having wine? Use pretty wine glasses. Don’t drink? Pour a sparkling water or juice…in a pretty wine glass…why not? Who said you couldn’t?


Pecan Glazed Pork With Lime-Maple Glaze

  • 1 pork tenderloin (silver skin removed) about 2 lbs.
  • pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 4 tbsp. maple syrup
  • 1 cup finely chopped pecans
  • 2 tbsp. vegetable oil
  • 3 limes, juiced and 1 cut into thin wedges)
  • pinch of cumin
  • pinch of cayenne pepper

Trim pork and cut in 1/2 inch slices. Flatten with the palm of your hand and season with salt and pepper.

Place  3 tbsp. of syrup in a dish, place pecans in second dish. Heat the oil in a skillet and dip the slices in the syrup and then into the pecans. Pat to make sure it adheres and carefully set into skillet. Pour the balance of the syrup and pecans over the top and cook for 3-4 minutes each side (just pink in the center). remove from the skillet.

Stir in the lime juice, remaining syrup, cumin and cayenne and cook for 1-2 minutes (until thickened). Pour over the pork and add a slice or two of lime on top. Add a salad or side dish and enjoy.

P.S… don’t have to wait for Valentine’s to enjoy this scrumptuous dish.



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