Crab/Cranberry Panini

The other day, while getting ready for our company, we messed up two (yes, we actually did) recipes of the nests for this recipe. The next day, with a bowl full of this filling, the lightbulb went off and this is what we did…..

The cranberries were chopped fine and added to the mixture. Add enough mayonnaise (not salad dressing) to hold together and take two slices of bread (we used weight watchers multigrain)  and make a sandwich….Add a slice of cheese, top with the second slice of bread and put in the hot panini pan.

OMG! This is a new sandwich for us and ever so good.

The recipe for the filling is: Gingered Crab In Potato Nests


1 thought on “Crab/Cranberry Panini

  1. Some mistakes turn out to be the best inventions. and in your case it sounds like the triple D guy would be calling it “money”

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